Rareza Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20
Coste 12
Clase Knight
Arma spear
- Ataque Hp
Lvl 1 1980 2050
Lvl Max 5200 5740
Lvl Bl 7000 7540
Habilidad Flame Barrier (Mana: 1)

Crea una barrera sobre si mismo de 5 golpes y bloquea hielo

Habilidad Pasiva 1 Flame Weapon

Ataque normal de fuego

Habilidad Pasiva 2 Hurricane

Movimiento mas rapido

Obtencion North Colony
After being saved from danger by a human warrior long ago, this flame sprite was inspired to become one herself. Her raw strength will never match up to a human’s, but with her inherent powers, she makes a skillful magic warrior. Still, she believes she’s still got a long way to go