Rareza Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20
Coste 16
Clase Knight
Arma blade
- Ataque Hp
Lvl 1 2200 2400
Lvl Max 6400 7100
Lvl Bl 8400 9100
Habilidad Queen's Aegis (Mana: 1)

Incrementa ataque aliado

Habilidad Pasiva 1 Knight's Bond

Potencia ataque y defensa de Knights en batalla pero no a si mismo

Habilidad Pasiva 2 Noble Bearing

sube ataque y defensa cuando esta en sub-grupo

Obtencion First Day of Chain Story Festival Recruit (January 26, 2015 - January 27, 2015); Twilight Swordswoman Festival Recruit (February 16, 2015 - February 22, 2015)
The girl next in line for the throne now that the king has fallen in battle. Her cheerful demeanor has made her popular with citizens and knights alike, and she is more than suitable as the next representative of the Holy Kingdom. However, desiring revenge for her father, she disguises herself as a knight and runs off