Rareza Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20Estrella 20
Coste 12
Clase Knight
Arma blade
- Ataque Hp
Lvl 1 1320 1500
Lvl Max 5000 5590
Lvl Bl 6800 7390
Habilidad Foil (Mana: 1)

Golpea a un enemigo con daño ligero y los derriba

Habilidad Pasiva 1 Guardian

Bloqueo mas efectivo

Habilidad Pasiva 2 Secret Technique

Potencia habilidad activa

Obtencion Holy Capital
Lieutenant of the “Holy Psalm,” one of the seventeen holy orders. Righteous, decorous, and pretty, she is often called the White Lily Knight. Her swordsmanship is first rate, and even within the knightly orders, few can follow when she draws her blade